Dit is de weg van de Leeuwinnen naar een Olympische medaille

This is Lioness’ way to the Olympic medal

15:20 – According to Sarina Wigman, hard work awaits with the Lions in the quarterfinals of the Olympics on Friday: the world champion who will be the finalist for the United States. If that team is defeated, the path to the medal is open, and at least two games await. What exactly is the path of gold to the Netherlands?

Olympic Games Quarterfinals
As with the European Championship, there are two ‘sides’ to the tournament after the group stage, but not the eighth final, but the quarterfinals directly. Since the United States finished second in the group, it was directly the team winner who opposed the Orange. The other two teams on the Netherlands side are Canada and Brazil, who drew with difficulty in the Orange group stage against them. They finish second in Group E with Canada, with England becoming the winner. Wickman’s future boss (small) can only meet the coach soon in the final.

So in the semi-finals Canada and Brazil are two possible opponents, namely Australia, Japan, very strong Sweden and therefore Great Britain, who could be attacked by the Wickman team in the early (small) final. The path to the medal is as follows:

Quarterfinals – Friday, July 30
Kant A.
11 a.m .: Great Britain – Australia
12 noon: Sweden – Japan

Kant b
10 a.m .: Canada – Brazil
13:00: Netherlands – USA (International Stadium Yokohama)

Semi-Final – Monday, August 2 *:
10.00 am: Netherlands – Canada / Brazil (Ibaraki Kashima Stadium)
1pm: Great Britain / Australia – Sweden / Japan

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Small Final – Thursday, August 5:
10.00 am: Losers in both semifinals (Ibaraki Kashima Stadium) – Bronze medal

Final – Friday, August 6, 2021
4 a.m .: Winners of both semifinals (Olympic Stadium) – Gold or silver medal

* = Netherlands continues if granted

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