Biden no longer wanted to be surprised

Biden no longer wanted to be surprised

For the first time since taking office in January, US President Biden will face Vladimir Putin today. The two presidents will meet in Geneva to discuss issues such as cyber security and nuclear security. Russia and the United States are permanently at odds with each other.

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According to Russian correspondent Justin Bosman, the main goal of the summit is to “strengthen the relationship so that it does not escalate.” Boseman says the symbol is particularly important to Putin: ‘The fact that he meets an American president indicates that Russia is back on the world stage. The Russian media also emphasize that the initiative for the summit comes from Washington. ‘

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Other media outlets have suggested that the Western media should stay away from Belarus and that NATO membership for Ukraine is indeed a red line for Russia. “For the rest, Putin can sit back and deny human rights abuses, opposition repression and cyber attacks.”

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Contrast met Trump

Biden will do everything in his power to make the conflict with Trump as good as possible. Biden wants to show a tough line and show that he can stand with Putin. Putin is going to face, among other things, his interference in the US election, ”said US correspondent John Postma.

According to Postma, Biden mainly wants a more stable and predictable relationship. Biden said he no longer wanted to be surprised. Things like Crimea are not going to happen again. We can see a map for the next four years. ”

Litmus test

This will be a litmus test for Joe Biden. On the agenda: Navalny, cyber attacks from Russia on US companies and interference in US elections. However, there is one thing that the two powers can work together on: the Iran deal and the START agreement against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Postma notes that there will be two press conferences after the talks: “Biden does not want to stand on a platform with Putin, can be placed in front of a block.”

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