These seven famous roles were almost played by someone else

These seven famous roles were almost played by someone else

Forrest Gump

Let’s start right away with a good old man: Forrest Gump. This iconic movie, starring Tom Hanks, shouldn’t have been filmed any other way. However, it was just poetry and another actor played Forrest. John Travolta was initially offered the role, but he turned it down. As he put it, the actor expressed great regret for making this choice.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

This visual is the first film based on Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. In this, Noomi Rapace is playing the main character Lisbeth Salander and this role appears to be dedicated to her. With her black hair and dozens of piercings and tattoos, she matches perfectly with the horrific bloody thrillers. However, this movie was initially going to be awarded to Scarlett Johansson. However, the director found the actress too attractive for the socially incapable role of Lisbeth.

the Lord of the Rings

Lots of people grew up with blockbuster movies from the Lord of the Rings , But hardly anyone realizes how different it could look. Initially, Gandalf was played by Sean Connery. Had the actor accepted this, he would have been the highest-paid Hollywood actor. Shawn thought the script was too vague, so he turned down the offer. The question is whether he will make the same choice after that.

Silence of the Lambs

For real reptiles, this is true Must see it. At first, we know the lead role of Hannibal Lector as a brilliant psychiatrist in the US, but in the end it turns out that he killed nine people. And not only that: He ate a number of liver and thymus. A real psychopath. The role was played fantastically by Anthony Hopkins, but the intention was not always to give him the role: it was initially supposed to Jeremy Irons. However, this actor turned down the role, as he did not want to play such a cruel man. Anthony Hopkins won an Academy Award for the role that replaced him.

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Fight Club

For those who think Reese Witherspoon gets chances just in romantic comedy and I feel happy in the movies, Error. In the known Fight Club She was offered the role of Marla Singer, a strong-willed woman who appeared as a complete madman. However, Reese didn’t like the role and turned down the role because she found the story too bleak. Ultimately, Helena Bonham Carter played the role.

Satan wears Prada

If there is one clearly written role for a person, it is Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley. This is the strong editor of New York City’s fairy-tale fashion magazine Runway Perfectly photographed by the actress. So it wouldn’t be surprising if you re-check this: Because it’s almost impossible for someone else to play this role in Management It used to be. However, that was the case, namely, Kim Basinger. It wasn’t quite a wrong idea, but thankfully it didn’t happen.

the shining

Here is Johnny! Believe it or not, these three famous words were initially shouted out by a completely different actor. Initially, the filmmakers thought Robin Williams would be ideal to play Jack Torrance, a writer who had to take care of the prestigious Overlook Hotel in Colorado with his family when it was temporarily closed due to inclement weather. However, the directors came up with different ideas when she saw Robin in the movie Morek and Mindy saw. In this they found the actor too psychotic for the role …

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