The Coachella Festival will be canceled again in April

The Coachella Festival will be canceled again in April

Bad luck for American festival fans: Coachella will be canceled again in April due to the Coronavirus. Local health authorities announced this. It is now the third time in a row that the popular festival in Southern California cannot be held on schedule.

The event, which will be headlines for Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and Rage Against The Machine, was supposed to take place over two weeks in April of last year. October was a better option due to the Corona crisis, but that cannot continue. So the festival has been postponed to the weekend in April of this year, but this is also continuing. The same goes for Stagecoach, Coachella’s brother, which will also take place in April.

It is not known when Coachella thinks they can hold the festival now. A leaf Rolling rock He was able to report last year that April is coming too early and that October 2021 has already been considered.

A major festival, Glastonbury, has been canceled in the UK. And the organization announced last week that it was canceled this year due to the ongoing Corona crisis. The 50th edition of the Glastonbury Festival was canceled last summer due to the Corona crisis. Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar have all been in the headline-grabber.

“Events are possible from June 1”

If it comes to the Dutch event sector, we can go to concerts, festivals and theater again from June 1. According to them, this is possible.

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Last week, the Cabinet announced that major festivals and other events could be held again from July 1. The condition was that visitors should be able to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters in each location. A guarantee fund has also been set up so that organizers can actually make plans for the summer.

But according to Ahoy’s manager, June 1 is realistic, despite the fact that it is a month earlier than the government thinks. It assumes, among other things, that the pressure on healthcare will decrease by then. Then it will be summer, the weather will be better and the virus will be less viral, and the weakest and weak will be vaccinated. Therefore the pressure on healthcare should be less in this logic. When this is the case, you can cover the rest of the risks by running fast, reliable tests.

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The Coachella Festival will be canceled again in April

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