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Coronavirus News: Once again, more than average injuries were reported

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In this live blog, we will keep you updated on Sunday with the latest news about the Corona crisis in Brabant and beyond.

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  • 304 Corona patients were admitted Sunday morning to Brabant hospitals, ROAZ announced Sunday morning around 11.
  • Brabant has seen 866 new infections since Saturday.
  • During the past 24 hours, 21 new coronavirus patients have been admitted to Brabant hospitals, and three patients have died of corona.
  • Municipalities called for not to go out into nature in large numbers on Sunday.
  • Read all the news about Coronavirus on our website Topic page.

15.55 – ME carried out a charge at the Museum Square demonstration
ME intervened on Sunday afternoon around 3.45 pm at a demonstration at Museum Square in Amsterdam. Shortly before, the demonstration against Corona measures was ended by order of Mayor Vimki Halsema, but not everyone complied.

On the square in Amsterdam, a large group of several hundred “coffee drinkers” mingled on Sunday with a large number of devotees and congregants who had come to enjoy the early spring days.

15.38 – more than average Corona injuries
Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning, 4,720 positive coronavirus tests were recorded across the Netherlands, 866 of them in Brabant. That’s more than last week’s average of 3,935, according to RIVM numbers. Yesterday, the Institute of Health recorded 4,578 new cases over a 24-hour period, which is also higher than the average.

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13.08 – Let’s try to relax
Chairman Onno Hoes wants NVM Real Estate from the Netherlands to try to open up the community a bit more. On the WNL Op Zondag TV show, he said he thinks summer relaxation is “a bit late”. Hoes believes that the stability of pollution numbers is a reason to try something. “We now know how to behave.”

12.46 – D66 and CU want to hear the planning desks in the room plus OMT
The House of Representatives must also be updated by the directors of the Dutch planning offices. The D66 and ChristenUnie parties also want to hear expert medical advisors from, for example, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) on the socio-economic consequences of the Corona crisis. They are asking for such a briefing after a letter from the planning offices, who are calling on the Cabinet to start work on the recovery plan after the Corona crisis.

12.00 – Abuse of NS employee at Breda station
An NS employee was assaulted Saturday afternoon by a 35-year-old woman at the station in Breda. His glasses were also shattered. he had Approach the woman for not wearing a face mask. The woman has been arrested and is being questioned.

11.57 – Confidence in the government’s policy on Coronavirus continues to collapse
More and more Dutch do not support the government’s policy on Corona. This was proven by research conducted by the Netherlands Heart Committee among more than 3,200 participants. In recent months, support for this policy has increasingly collapsed. More than half of respondents said they no longer believe in government policy on Corona. Confidence has declined the most since October.

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11.03 – ROAZ numbers
On Sunday morning, there were 304 patients with corona in Brabant hospitals. This is nine more than 24 hours ago. ROAZ announced this Sunday morning around 11 am. During the past 24 hours, 21 new Coronavirus patients have been admitted to Brabant Hospitals. That’s eight less than on Saturday. In the past 24 hours, three patients died of corona in Brabant Hospitals. Twenty were discharged from the hospital and three were transferred.

10.57 – Mayor Den Bosch takes action against the dance protest
On Sunday morning, Den Bosch Mayor Jack Makers imposed a so-called “sanctioned precaution” on several people. It was learned from the police that these people wanted to hold a dance event against Corona’s measures, and that they do not want to abide by the ban on forming a group, which is scheduled to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus again.

10.16 – Employee tested positive for Corona after Fieldlab trial
At least one infected person wandered into the first so-called Fieldlab experiment conducted on Monday at the Beatrix in Utrecht. That reports RTV Utrecht. According to the organization, it is unlikely that this person – an employee who was not in one of the bubbles – was injured during the test conference because he had no complaints. Additionally, the person, like all attendees, tested negative before the event began.

08.50 – The Minister of Culture does not rule out a new support package for the culture sector
If the Corona crisis continues for a while, then surely there will be a support package for the cultural sector. This is what Culture Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven said to the National People’s Party. It was Saturday with Utrecht Mayor Sharon Digxma at the so-called Fieldlab event at the Beatrix in Utrecht, where Breda cabaret artist Guido Weijers performed for the first time in Corona time to the public.

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08.11 – Corona year leads to increased complaints of noise pollution
The number of reports of noise nuisance in and around the home increased by fifty percent last year compared to 2019. There were fewer complaints about events and restaurants, but the number of reports of noise nuisance in people’s homes increased from 312 to 467 per day. This is evident from the numbers from the police reported by the KRO-NCRV index.

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03.30 – Another expected spring pressure on beaches and forests
Sunday will be bright and sunny again. The reason why municipalities have once again called on people not to go to nature en masse and to avoid crowded places in forests and on beaches in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. On Sunday, police officers, boas and traffic guards will supervise along the coast and forest rangers in nature reserves will be on extra alert to comply with the Corona measures.

Photo: Ben Saanen
Photo: Ben Saanen

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