These iPhones Won’t Go on Sale Soon (iPhone News #36)

These iPhones Won’t Go on Sale Soon (iPhone News #36)

Starting next week, it will be very difficult to get your hands on four iPhones and you should get your hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max as soon as possible. Read this and more in this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

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Unfortunately: These four iPhones won’t go on sale next week

Next week, Apple will finally introduce the iPhone 15. The launch of a series of new iPhones unfortunately also means the end of a number of older devices. These iPhones will disappear from the range. We tell you which iPhones are no longer on sale at Apple after the launch of the iPhone 15.

These iPhones are disappearing

The tool allows anyone to hack an iPhone (and can be purchased from

There is a tool in circulation that is used to hack iPhones. In fact, the device crashes your iPhone so often that it makes your phone almost unusable. And the strange thing: you can simply buy the device on We tell you how to protect your iPhone from hardware!

This way your iPhone is safe

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Latest iPhones: Discover the latest iPhones from Apple

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Buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max ASAP: Here’s why

Are you planning to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max? Given the phone’s production issues, stock will likely be limited at launch. As a result, delivery times can increase quickly. So, be as quick as possible so that you are sure that you will receive the phone on time!

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Limited stock of iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Apple will soon release at least six major updates (in one day)

In addition to the iPhone 15, Apple will also soon launch a series of new software updates. These updates usually come over a period of time, but this year they will appear on the same day. This allows you to update up to six different Apple devices in one day! You can expect these updates.

Just update!

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Latest iPhones: Discover the latest iPhones from Apple

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These Apple products will appear immediately after the iPhone event

Apple’s annual fall event is just around the corner! The usual expectations are there: a new iPhone and an Apple Watch. But there is something special this year.

There are strong indications that some new products could be in stores right after the keynote! But what can you look forward to?

I called Right

iPhone 15: Will it be Pro Max or Ultra?

The rumor mill is running at full speed and the Apple Wonderlust event is approaching. There will again be four iPhone 15 models this year (just like last year), but there’s still a big question mark. Will it be the iPhone 15 Pro Max or the iPhone 15 Ultra?

Will Apple go Pro Max or Ultra?

Activate this Apple Watch function before your next trip

Are you going on vacation soon? Then simply turn on Airplane mode on your Apple Watch during your flight. At least, that’s what many people think. It’s better to enable another function on your Apple Watch during your trip: more efficient power saving mode!

this is the reason

AirPods Pro with USB-C coming: What’s new?

If you’re planning to buy new AirPods, you may need to wait a little longer. Apple has officially announced a new event in which the new AirPods Pro with USB-C port will also be shown. What else changes with the new earbuds?

What’s new in AirPods Pro?

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