The whole country loves De Bauers and here's why: “Rare TV”

The whole country loves De Bauers and here's why: “Rare TV”

Almost the entire Netherlands has now embraced the new TV series De Bauers. The second episode of the Frans Bauer family series attracted about one and a half million viewers. This made it the most watched program on Thursday and it was able to overtake the eight o'clock news. But why do we like to devote so much time to the French language?

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We had to wait twenty years for the Brabant family to return with a reality series. According to France, people have been begging to come back all these years and it shows. The new series has achieved great success. With delayed viewing, the first episode attracted at least 2.2 million viewers last week.

The fact that fans had to wait so long is one reason for the success, according to media expert and podcaster Björn Bowens. “The series did not end in 2003. As a result, the De Bauers reality series has become a rare television that everyone has fond and warm memories of.”

“The largest teddy bear in Brabant.”

However, the main reason for success remains the family itself. “Who hates France Bauer,” says Boyens. “It is the largest teddy bear in Brabant. The rest of the family also radiates warmth and comfort. This feeling makes many people want to identify with the family.”

In the second episode, France celebrates his fiftieth birthday. Or rather: it was arranged for him. Because if there's one thing France hates, it's turning 50. But his family is pulling out all the stops. A puppet in the garden, a live painter, a fan brass band, his own party bus. And the biggest surprise: a special concert in Ahoy.

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It is important for the filmmakers to capture these moments, according to Boyens. “It is striking that the music Frans makes almost no longer matters. Whether you like the music or not: you are looking for warm family moments.”

“Viewers feel like they are growing with France.”

According to him, the strength of this season also lies in the good and less good moments. “You really see the smiles and the tears. Frans's mother is getting older. He's now lost his father and the kids are getting older. It makes it feel to viewers who watched twenty years ago and are now at the same stage of life as if they're growing with Frans.”

However, a new target group is also being reached through reality series, especially on social media. For example, Christian, the eldest son of Franz and Mariska, has 27,500 followers A huge hit on TikTok. “This also makes the series interesting for young people who don't watch TV,” Bowens explains.

“Everyone remembers the famous Chinese scene.”

He also saw it himself twenty years ago when he was a 21-year-old boy from Roosendaal. “I have to admit I bought the DVD set. This season was really fun. Everyone remembers the iconic scene where they order Chinese food with the whole family. Now the mix of heavy and light is even better.”

The media expert has advice for the family from Fijnaart. “If they leave it like that again after this series, this will still be a legendary season.”

Watch De Bauers' first appearance in over twenty years here:

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