Sophie Hillebrand interviews Housewives about criticizing her appearance

Sophie Hillebrand interviews Housewives about criticizing her appearance

Recently, talk show host Sophie Hillebrand was able to draw on the sarcasm of reality TV stars Tamara Elbaz and Mariah Taylor on a podcast. “It looks like she died 20 years ago,” he said. Now the ladies sit at Hillebrand's table Sophie and JeroenOpinions were divided.

“to The Real Housewives of Amsterdam I'm not really happy with my appearance,” Hillebrand begins on last night's broadcast.

Sophie and Jeroen about the insult

Tamara Elbaz on the podcast #No filter She told Maria Taylor and Varja Varvarden that she “sometimes takes screenshots of Sophie Hillebrand and then sends them to people.” “Why do you look like that?” Elbaz asks on the podcast, laughing out loud. Elbaz says she knows she looks “like a caricature, but I look like an actress.”

“Sophie Hillebrand looks like she died 20 years ago and is decomposing,” this is the statement that received a lot of reaction on social media last week.

The suspension does not explode

This piece has come back to Hillebrand countless times, “but I really enjoy talking to you about this topic, about aging and beauty.” But the guests at the table don't allow sarcasm to spread so easily. Roxanne Kniteman immediately stated that she found it “mean”.

Isn't it time to say sorry? This thought resonates at the table Sophie and JeroenBut according to Hillebrand, “this is not actually necessary.” Olcay Gulzen will lose sleep over such a statement from the ladies. Maria Taylor says she does not share Elbaz's opinion.

Insult about using Hillebrand as a revenue model

“I'm half a man,” Elbaz explains, because she's a single mother. “The only way we women stand out from men is to celebrate our femininity.” “I invited three hyenas,” says Hillebrand. After this statement, the guests present at the table come up with a refutation.

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Annefleur Schipper has a hard time using such an insult as a revenue model. “Young kids see this online too.” Khayat would like to clarify. “We make a lot of jokes about each other and the people around us. We made a mistake by involving someone who is not in our environment. We had a discussion about publishing the part.”

“Your photos were taken in bad times.”

“It seems very rude,” Elbaz now realizes. “I easily assume that someone else is as strongly opposed to unkind reactions as I am.” “But isn’t this a form of interaction that we don’t want to adopt?” Knitman wonders.

The discussion continues apace. “I think the way she looks now is beautiful,” Elbaz said of Hillebrand. “But I think your pictures without makeup were taken at a bad time.” In general, women should not belittle each other in appearance, according to the majority of attendees Sophie and Jeroen.

The discussion ends on a cheerful note with a funny excerpt from Elbaz and Taylor's podcast about “going big” while in a relationship.

You can Sophie and Jeroen Watch it again via NPO Start.

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