Eating out with heavy perfume?  Preferably not at this restaurant in Amsterdam

Eating out with heavy perfume? Preferably not at this restaurant in Amsterdam

According to smell and taste expert Bob Kramwinkel, two factors can play a role. “One thing is you can get excited about it,” Kramwinkel says. “You think: How strange that he is wearing so much perfume. Someone else's scent will generally elicit a negative reaction from others. And if you think you are eating in a good restaurant, you want to pay attention to the food. So preferably no noise, no strong air and things of “Like this.”

Annoying effect

What also plays a role is that one scent can replace another. “This has an annoying effect on your mood. When you're angry, you taste worse. Just like you taste better alone than with a group of people. You really have to pay attention to that, but in a group you get distracted by talking.” Kramwinkel completely understands Toscanini's decision . “It's a very reasonable idea to ask not to spray strong perfumes.”

Chef Julius Jaspers agrees. “A very smart idea and good for many restaurants,” says Jaspers. “I sometimes notice that the guests' fragrance is very strong and lingers over the room. This definitely has an impact on the food and the flavors you taste.”

Big shame

It's a shame, says Jaspers, that such a smell can spoil a dish. “I'm upset about that too,” he says. “Eating is an experience. Eating in a restaurant is part of the experience and smell is very important when tasting food. A strong scent of perfume does not go well with that.”

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