The US elections promise to be very exciting

The US elections promise to be very exciting

The countdown to the US elections has begun: at the end of this year we will know who will enter the White House for 4 years. Will Trump make a comeback in Biden's second term or will there be more surprises during the primaries? American expert Koen Peterson wrote the book 'Ultimate Goal White House' and discusses the election fever in the US and explains what is still to come in the coming year.

The race for the White House really begins this week in America. It already promises to be a very crazy race, with the usual quirks. That's the view of expert Coen Peterson, who knows what obstacles future candidates will have to overcome to secure their place in the White House and take control of the United States for four years.

Next week, America's presidential candidates will make their first bid for the coveted spot in the White House. Then there will be the first primaries, but there's no tension, says Peterson. “Anything else could happen, though Trump Biden has a very strong position in these primaries.

Spoiler candidates

According to the expert, tension is key during the elections in November. The two gentlemen are neck and neck in the polls, so well-known swing states should make up the difference. The involvement of independent candidates will also be of great importance. “They could get votes from either Trump or Biden. The consequences are not yet fully known, but if one wins against the other in a head-to-head race, independents or 'spoiler candidates' can make sure that person still loses. Then the 'spoiler candidate' has to get votes from one of the two.”

Watch the full conversation about the US elections here.

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