The United States is concerned about the Chinese spy base in Cuba

The United States is concerned about the Chinese spy base in Cuba

Cuba allows China to set up a secret spy base on its territory targeting the United States. to write The Wall Street Journal Thursday. The base would allow Beijing to collect US intelligence related to communications traffic, such as eavesdropping on emails, phone calls and satellite communications. The Cuban regime will receive several billion dollars for the location of the spy complex. The exact amount of money is not clear.

The exact location and time frame in which the construction of the spy base will be completed is not known. The White House is concerned about the planned location due to Cuba’s proximity to the US mainland. The Cuban coast is only a hundred miles from Florida.

Plans to establish an orchestrated spy base from China, Washington’s biggest economic and military rival, are a major concern for President Joe Biden’s administration. John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, agreed The Wall Street Journal Not going into details of disclosure. But he said the US government was aware of “China’s efforts to invest in infrastructure around the world for potential military purposes, including in this hemisphere.” The US says it wants steps to be taken to counter the activities, but Kirby did not specify the exact measures Washington would take.

Spy balloon

Since the 1990s, relations between China and Havana are said to have become increasingly close, in part through trade and investment. After Venezuela, China is the Cuban regime’s largest trading partner. Cuba also supported the repressive security law that Beijing wanted to implement in Hong Kong at the United Nations in 2020, as one of 53 countries.

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In February, a Chinese spy balloon that flew over US soil sparked a diplomatic crisis between China and the United States. In the end, the balloon, believed to be used for espionage purposes, was shot down by the Americans, straining Sino-American relations.

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