The UNESCO Commission launches a handbook on open science

The UNESCO Commission launches a handbook on open science

Ethical basis

But it is important that advocates of open science do not forget this Why We want to make science more open. Open science, as a set of principles and practices, has an ethical foundation. Finally, by making the production of scientific knowledge easier, we ensure comprehensive international knowledge exchange. This will help address global challenges in the areas of climate change, armed conflicts, increasing inequality, and public health. During the Covid-19 crisis It was actually a global and relatively open exchange of knowledge that quickly led to a vaccine.

Whose knowledge is it?

The Dutch UNESCO Commission provides an English-language brochure about UNESCOrecommendation About open science, where this comprehensive exchange is the starting point. This accessible handbook, prepared by the Canadian UNESCO Commission, explains the values ​​and principles important for the transition to an open science system. As a result, the booklet asks the question: for whom and for whom do we produce knowledge? This question forces us to look beyond our national borders. How do we ensure, for example, that researchers from less affluent countries in the Global South are adequately heard? They are often disproportionately affected by the consequences of global crises. On the other hand, their institutions facilitate Dutch scientists to publish free and open in top journals. Combating this unequal access to science must be an integral part of our plans for open science.

Science process

UNESCO is committed to its democratization everyone Scientific process. This is possible by making publications publicly available, freely sharing research data, creatively engaging a broad audience in science, and rewarding scientists who venture outside the traditional knowledge community. The goal: to involve more people in the scientific process in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Only then will we increase the chance that the results of this process will benefit everyone.

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