Walking back and forth when calling?  That's why some do it

Walking back and forth when calling? That's why some do it

Do you know that? These are people who make phone calls and then walk around the entire room or the work floor. What is this? Seemingly a normal reaction. Because speed and connectivity are not so crazy after all and can be explained quite logically.

Maybe you know someone like this. Your partner or colleague (or you) who also initiates the conversation once the phone conversation starts. But why do we tend to do this?

Why running and walking?

Neuroscientist Johannes Fahrenfurt explains Against scientific research That communication is an unnatural act. Although there is no scientific research on our walking and calling behavior, he thinks he knows why. “When you talk to someone on the phone, you don't see that person. That's why you don't get any visual input from the conversation, even though your body is anticipating it at that moment.”

The telephone is of course an evolution of our modern life. Before we could communicate, we often talked face to face. Then you can also see someone's gestures or facial expressions. This does not happen on the phone, so the visual and interactive aspect disappears. That's why, according to Fahrenfurt, you're only mentally busy on the phone.

Drawing characters

The neuroscientist explains that we compensate for this lack of visual interaction through movement. By walking, you are still interacting with the environment.

Some people choose to draw or scribble shapes during a phone conversation, for example. This is also a way to add interactivity when you're on the phone.

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Walking helps you think

In addition, walking helps you think. When making important phone calls or work, walking a little can have a beneficial effect on our brain. “Even when people want to consciously think about something, they sometimes go for a walk outside.” The harder and longer the phone call, the more likely you are to walk.

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