If you have a female doctor in the hospital, you are less likely to die

If you have a female doctor in the hospital, you are less likely to die

Hospital patients appear to be less likely to die if treated by a female doctor From new research. This difference increases if the patient is also a woman.

The study of 800,000 patients also showed that women were less likely to be hospitalized again within 30 days after discharge if they had a female doctor.

Although patients generally showed a benefit from having a female physician, the greatest difference was observed among female patients. Researchers at the University of California believe this difference is due to male doctors underestimating the severity of female patients' condition.

Previous research has shown that male doctors reduce pain levels, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular symptoms, and stroke risk.

doctor. “What our findings suggest is that male and female physicians practice medicine differently, and these differences have a measurable impact on patients’ health outcomes,” said Yusuke Tsugawa, senior author of the study and an associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Research into the underlying mechanisms linking doctors' gender to patients' chance of recovery could provide clues for medicine For everyone Makes better.

Scientists have previously found that women who had a heart attack were 12% more likely to die if they were treated by a male doctor.

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