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Climate Report: This decade, these 10 years, this is how long we have

As all eyes turn to Russia and Ukraine, a new climate report has been presented in the meantime. Report by message: This really should happen now.

It is again a slap on the wrist due to lack of movement. The most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change He asserts that 40 percent of the world’s population is already at risk and that the blows will be felt most severely in countries that are barely contributing to the problem. These strikes are happening faster than expected, leading to uninhabitable places, and according to the researchers, rich countries have a huge responsibility to invest in climate adaptation and support vulnerable (poorer) countries and regions.

In terms of nature, the report says some ecosystems can no longer correct the warming. And that even if we don’t go beyond 1.5 degrees of warming, 3 to 14 percent of all species are expected to be lost. If it gets 2 or even 3 degrees warmer, this can be as high as 30 percent of all types. More than half of the scientifically studied species are already moving to cooler regions.

The next climate summit is scheduled for this fall. Then, among other things, the financial aspect is discussed. Whether rich countries should pay more for climate change to poor countries, for example. This is set at $100 billion a year. This amount would be very low and not achieved at the moment.

Even more than what was mentioned in the previous part of this report – which appears once every six to seven years – it affirms that time is of the essence. Not sometime in the next 100 years, but this decade, these 10 years, that’s how much time is left, according to the researchers, to make a difference.

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