The polar dance factory has set up an online platform for people to dance

The polar dance factory has set up an online platform for people to dance

Datjana Van Onna is the owner of a polar dance factory.Sculpture by Jacob von Vleet

What is partial locking for your business?

“We started online lessons from the beginning of Corona. Many students have now bought a pole to practice at home. One teacher gives instructions via video, while another sits at the back of the laptop to answer questions. This way of teaching is gentle, but it is also solitary. Luckily, we were open in the summer, but continued online at the second lock. Unfortunately, many members are leaving now: they have the dynamics in the studio and have fun with each other. ”

What will the future look like?

“I hope we can open our doors again in May. We have to do everything we can to add members. I have the idea that people want to do something new, so I can try a polar dance lesson as well.”

Do you have any constructive insights from the situation?

“We offer a variety of digital lessons ranging from early digital pole dancing to stretching lessons to dance. In the first lock, I also set up an online dance platform Lush Motion with my friend. Here we upload all kinds of teaching videos with high quality. I am proud to offer a platform for people to move and dance. ”

How do you sustain your spirits?

“Dancers from all kinds of countries like Belgium, Germany and USA take our online lessons. That is the very good side effect of the corona crisis. My company means a lot to me. I do everything I can to make sure my studio stays consistent. ”

What would you do first if things relaxed later?

“I hope the studio will soon sound with the energy that students bring with them. I’m so excited to go out to dinner, dance at a festival or sit on a terrace in my favorite neighbor, Amsterdam East.”

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