The Orange recorded a historic victory over the USA

On Friday, the last day of the World Cup in Athens, the Dutch water polo women recorded a stunning victory against the United States. The 8-9 victory was the Orange’s first against the United States since the 2015 Holiday Cup. The last official game win was from earlier: the famous Olympic final in Beijing (2008).

Last week’s first round of the World Cup in Rotterdam proved that they can defeat the current USA, winners of the last four World Cups and the last three Olympic Games. Adam Gregorian’s side then lost to Spain on penalties. With Thursday’s win, the Orange girls put a nice crown on an exciting streak. Only Hungary lost on Wednesday (12-11), but the Orange previously won against the Magyars. Also, Australia, Greece and Italy were tied in the winning cart. Due to this amazing streak, Evangelos Dudesis qualified for the Super Finals in Long Beach (Los Angeles) from June 23-25.

Early in the game, Team USA dictated the game for a while. But the Dutch took matters into their own hands after a 2-2 draw from a Man Lake in Pente Roge (photo above). Not long after, Roj – voted ‘MVP’ after the game – put the Netherlands ahead for the first time with an incredible majority.

A strong second period laid the foundation for the eventual victory. Sabrina van der Sloot hit – again from a man down – 2-4, making the first hole. The Netherlands dominated the match anyway in extra time, with Manmir scoring five of the seven goals in the end. Brigitte Sleiking (Manmir), Liege Roge (center forward) and Marit van der Weyden (Manmir) quickly allowed the Orange team to run 3-7.

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In the third quarter of the game, the USA got a little closer (7-9), but the Orange kept control. The Netherlands looked fitter and more enthusiastic after all, but a somewhat tense last period almost threw a spanner in the works. America – unaccustomed to facing a setback in the final stages – had chances but could not capitalize on them. Meanwhile, the clock was ticking in the Dutch’s favour. Less than three minutes into the counter, the U.S. finally made it 8-9 from long range, but with some art and flight, Laura Ards kept her goal clean in the remaining minutes.

National coach Evangelos Doudesis was happy with the historic win, but was also critical: “We suffered defensively in two periods against USA Swimming’s actions. We made some unnecessary mistakes at the end. But we won, and that’s big. All in all, I look back on the last two weeks with great satisfaction. We have achieved great success and made great progress.

Pente Roj admitted: “With this win we are really taking a good step forward. It makes me very proud. We stuck to the plan throughout the game. America came close, but we hoped for a good result.

Characteristics World Cup Athens

Wednesday, April 19
USA – Hungary 10-8
Netherlands- Italy 16-10
Period positions: 4-2, 5-2, 4-3, 3-3
Goals Netherlands: Simone van de Kraats 4, Liege Roge 4, Pente Roge 3, Brigitte Sleeking 3, Sabrina van der Sloot, Kitty Lynn Joostra.

Thursday, April 20
USA – Italy 10-6
Netherlands – Hungary 11-12
Period positions: 4-5, 3-3, 2-2, 2-2
Goals Netherlands: Brigitte Slieking 4, Simone van de Kraats 2, Leek Roge 2, Vivian Sevenich, Martje Keuning, Marit van der Weyden.

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Friday 21st April
USA – Netherlands: 8-9 (2-3, 2-4, 3-2, 1-0).
Goals Netherlands: Bente Roge 3, Liege Roge 2, Brigitte Slieking 2, Sabrina van der Sloot 1, Marit van der Weyden 1.

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