The McLaren duo were alarmed to see Ferrari's strong momentum in the United States

The McLaren duo were alarmed to see Ferrari’s strong momentum in the United States

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris have had mixed results in the United States. While Norris was less confident at McLaren from the Russian Grand Prix, Ricciardo has seen form in recent weeks. This became very clear during the Grand Prix. Ricciardo settled the battle with Carlos Sine in his favor, while Norris ended up in the P8 and had to put up with Valteri Potas in addition to the Spaniard.

First, Ricciardo speaks Sky Sports F1. He had grown a mustache before the Austin event and was spotted in a cowboy costume all weekend. ‘I always have a good time here. I feel good here and I can not build on it. ‘ He turned that good mood into a round with an excellent fifth.

He could not reach that P5 without a fight. “On that first lap we drove three cars wide on the track. It was so wild, he looks back on a fantastic opening fight against teammate Norris and direct rival Science.” Initially I think I caught Science, he overtook me again on the 6th turn. After a while, I picked it up again. So I was able to hear it very clearly on board radio and enjoyed it today.

Touché puts rival Ferrari

Ricciardo and Sainz fought all afternoon on the track in Texas. Once F1 drivers met their wheels. “Defending is often harder than attacking,” Ricciardo said while reviewing footage of the incident. “It’s a very physical track, so I needed a lot of fluids after the race. Our focus is now on Ferrari. That’s why I was so excited when I overtook him.”

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‘They were fast today, so we hope to see a little momentum in Mexico. It was so amazing because we usually have the fastest party in the fastest corners. Now Ferrari was fast in Division 1. So we have to look at it, “he concludes. Ferrari and McLaren are battling it out for the P3 at the World Championships.

Norris had a tough weekend

Colleague Norris had less success in the United States. He admitted this in front of the British Formula 1 media microphone. “It was tough competition physically, but it was hard to keep those tires consistent. Ricciardo did us good business this weekend, but it was a tough weekend for me.” Since losing first place in the final of the Russian Grand Prix, Britain has had little confidence.

“Ferrari has been very fast in recent races. So we need to see where we can find some extra features. They are fast in qualifying and racing. So this is not a pleasant position. We have to fight that attack,” Norris concludes, referring to McLaren’s end of the 2021 season. Sees the benefit diminish rapidly.

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