Meanwhile F1 | Eight years ago today: Vettel won his fourth world title

You may miss a few things in between all the important news of the Grand Prix weekend. no worry, F1 max The ‘In the meantime …’ section informs you about all the emotions and nonsense in the world of Formula 1.

Eight years ago today: Vettel won his fourth world title

Today will be fond memories of the Sebastian cut. Eight years ago, he won his fourth consecutive world title with the German Red Bull team. This is the last title for the Austrian team at the moment, but this year the team is on track to add another title. We’ll see in the next few races if Max Verstappen gets similar retrospect in a few more years.

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Jose Verstappen on the American stage: ‘I do not understand it’

Jose Verstappen was on stage in the US last weekend. Under the sound of some humming engines, reporter Jack Blues tried to ask the former driver some questions. Father Verstappen could not understand him, to which he replied sternly: ‘I do not understand anything!’

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The fan picks up the DRS board after the American GP

An amazing scene in the parking lot after the United States Grand Prix: a fan carrying the DRS ID on his car. Good for the front yard?

Winners Verstappen and Verhoeven text each other: ‘We’re on fire’

After the Grand Prix in Austin, the World Kickboxing Champion spoke with his best friend and brand new race winner Max Verstappen. The day before, the two had already called each other after the match that Verhoeven won. Although Verhoeven was unable to watch the race due to an eye injury alone, he congratulated Verstappen via WhatsApp. Verstappen responded quickly and jokingly: ‘We’re on fire!’

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Verstappen applies during the race for the position of strategist

Max Verstappen can then become a strategist in Formula 1. The Dutchman showed it during the American Grand Prix. Verstappen decided on a strategy for Sergio Perez via on-board radio: “Matt, you have to force Hamilton not to go with Chekhov for too long,” Verstappen told his team.

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