The LGBTQ+ festival is the first of its kind with a full evening programme

The LGBTQ+ festival is the first of its kind with a full evening programme

ZUTPHEN – During the first Zutphen Pride, on Saturday 10 June, a varied evening program will be organized at Dat Bolwerck. For anyone who wants to learn more about LGBTQ+ topics or simply fancy an evening full of lectures, theatre, music and poetry.

Are you LGBTQ+ or do you support an inclusive community? Then come to the first pride in the history of Zutphen. Everyone is welcome. The day will start on Saturday 10 June at 4 pm with a pride parade from the City Hall to the art house Dat Bolwerck, Zaadmarkt 112. Starting From 5 p.m. there will be a full free evening festival program at Dat Bolwerck.”

social and political polarization

During this pride festival, you can hear from, among others, Mayor Weimar Jaeger and local councilor Eva Boswinkel, who speak about inclusion in times of social and political polarization. Historian Martien Sleutjes will give a talk on the history of LGBTQ+ emancipation in the Netherlands. Zutphen poet and spoken word artist Naomi Montross receiving a poem he wrote especially for the occasion.

In addition, there will be various performances by Leendert Voegesi, an impressive performance artist. Drag queens Tom Puss, Miss Meggie and Lexi Lollipop offer extravagant drag bingo, with many prizes to win. Musician Elmer (stage maker Merrill Bowe’s alter ego) rounds out the evening with a spectacular stage musical show in which hip-hop’s gender roles are reversed. Get ready for funky beats and raw, humorous, and vulnerable lyrics.

Easy access

Meanwhile, there are plenty of opportunities to dance at Dat Bolwerck’s Koetshuis, where DJ Jesse Sprikkelman provides the music. Food has also been thought of: Thuis bij de Jongen has food service all evening. For those who want to continue the party at home after this evening, there’s a Van Someren & Ten Bosch book table full of LGBTQ+ authors and literature.

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“One of the basic ideas of Dat Bolwerck is free accessibility,” says Marlise van der Jagt of Dat Bolwerck, technical director. “We exist for everyone and with our programmes, where art and ideas are central, we want to create an exchange and conversation in which everyone can have a voice. The sense of safety that many visitors feel in our building and garden is essential. After visiting Dat Bulwerk’s Pride Festival, I hope he leaves People are rich with new ideas and a warm feeling.With the wonderful variety program that has been put on, it couldn’t be otherwise!”

work group

Zutphen Pride started with a call from Zutphen Municipality on social media, asking if residents had good ideas for improving the visibility of Zutphen’s LGBTQ+ community. A number of residents responded to this, after which a working group of volunteers was formed, who in recent months, under the direction of the municipality, have worked hard to bring about the first Zutphen Pride.

Van der Jagt has compiled the festival program with Hella Godee. Judy works as a playwright in the cultural sector and is part of the work group as a volunteer. “There were some basic ideas that we found as a project group that were important to the Pride Fest,” says Judy. “It had to be freely available and offer a good mix of depth and celebration. Looking at the lineup, I think it worked really well.”

sweeping history

“Pride is a party with a long tradition and a long history,” says Goody. “The first Pride parties were held in the 1970s in the United States, where homosexuals were seen as sinful, dangerous and even contagious. Especially at the time of the subsequent AIDS epidemic. Then a group of activists came up with the idea of ​​responding to the social and political stigma they felt with radical pride. In Zutphen Today, it’s better to be an LGBTQ+ person.However, many LGBT people are still eager to show their identity openly.For example, I don’t like kissing my girlfriend on the street late at night.Unfortunately, there are still some The risks associated with visible difference. Pride is a day when we remember the history of self-censorship and courage and it is a celebration of all our differences.”

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Meetings and exchanges

The first edition of Zutphen Pride promises to be an evening full of interesting encounters and exchanges. Whether you’re LGBTQ+ or just want an evening of lectures, theatre, poetry and music: you’re welcome.

The first edition of Zutphen Pride was made possible in part by Zutphen Municipality, Dat Bolwerck and Stefan Wiggers StageSound Light and Sound rental. For more information about the program and times, see:

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