The Lears basketball player has created quite a stir in America

The Lears basketball player has created quite a stir in America

David N’Gessan of De Lier has reached the last 16 of America’s most important college basketball tournament with his Kansas State University team.

N’Gessan is currently competing March Madness, in which top university teams compete against each other. After the NBA, March Madness is the most important basketball tournament of the year. “David started at Westland Stars with his brothers Rick, Xander and Lucas, and as a four-year-old boy he already had ambitions to go far,” his mother, Ester N’Gusson, tells WOS.

Young talent

David started playing basketball at the age of 11 when he and his brothers played for Lokomotiv Rijswijk. Lokomotiv has an ambitious youth academy where they can really develop their skills. “Once Lucas launched a college show in America, David also wanted to go to America. David made a video with the help of his trainer Lars Jansson in Rijsvik and sent it to the recruiter in the US. Later he was invited to a presentation by several coaches.”

He eventually received a scholarship to Virginia Tech. “He studied and played there for two years. Looking for a different game, he ended up at Kansas State University (Wildcats), where he will play this year in one of the toughest leagues in America. Their team is doing better than expected; third in the league.

the future

According to his mother, David is now a local acquaintance. “Basketball is very alive there. Many passionate fans, so he is already in many photos, often signing autographs. Of course he dreams of the NBA. He can now play college basketball for two more years. All in all, amazing opportunities, tremendous hard work, study, travel. , many experiences, trial and error, disappointments and highlights. She feels very blessed to have been able to experience all these,” said a proud mother.

Currently, David N’Gusan is playing in March Madness, the final tournament of the Basketball League. Who is the national champion?
Recap of this weekend’s game on YouTube.

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