Ancient fruits are processed into a new multi-use drink

Ancient fruits are processed into a new multi-use drink

Tolan – The unique flavor of forgotten root and fruit varieties is the inspiration for Sabinca. A year and a half after the launch of this powerful drink, Sabinka comes up with some innovations. “We’ve replaced cane sugar in Sabinca – Organic Root Elixir with organic blue agave. We’re coming with a second flavor, Sabinca – Organic Fruit Elixir. It’s made from powerful fruit and root varieties that come mainly from South America,” says Dieteric Evers.

Fresh Sabinca – Organic Fruit Elixir

During his voyage of discovery to Sabinca, Diederich crossed the mountains of South America and came into contact with ancient cultures and special and powerful varieties of roots and fruits. He discovered exotic names he had never heard of before. “Of course, with great flavors and textures. We went into the kitchen and experimented until the recipes were perfect. Many compatible drinks can be drunk with a neat shot, spicy tea or hot water. Sparkling water and ice for a refreshing drink. It’s also great for creating unique mocktails and cocktails. Great The thing is, we’re constantly inventing new uses and creations.” Both products are organic, vegan and 100% natural.

And Sabinca – Organic Root Elixir is now sweetened with Organic Blue Agave.

NEW: Sabinca – Organic Fruit Elixir
Dieterik says the fresh organic fruit nectar from Sabinca has a very striking and special purple color. “It’s a drink with a combination of blue and red. Blue for strength and stability and red for energy.” Organic Fruit Elixir contains the following fruits and roots: pink pitaya, papaya, camu camu, acai, banana, cacao, lemon, guarana, ginger, maca and tapioca.

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Organic Root Elixir contains a blend of powerful root species: ginger, turmeric, maca, yam, horseradish, maduram, galangal, ashwagandha, tapioca, and orange root. “The special combination brings out unique flavors to surprise the taste buds.”

A tea made with organic root nectar. Right Sabinka founder Dieterik.

From France to the Netherlands Antilles
From mid-April, both flavors will be available throughout the Netherlands through Odin and Udia. Both elixirs will then be available at Ekoplaza, Marqt, Odin, Oldenhof, Kookpunt, Eric’s Landwinkel, WAAR Conceptstores and many independent organic stores. Sabinca has also been available in Belgium via BioFresh since the middle of last year. France and the Baltic States are now included. As well as the United Kingdom. Sabinca has also been on sale for a few months in the Netherlands Antilles, where it has been a great success. All current sales points in the Benelux include two new products in their range.

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