Suriname haalt eerste CBD oogsten binnen en zet deur op kier voor medicinale cannabis

The fastest growing cannabis industry in Latin America – who are the key players, should Suriname help?

The growing use and legalization of cannabis is not limited to Europe and North America. With authorities from Europe to Latin America increasingly adopting progressive marijuana legislation, the legal medicinal cannabis industry is experiencing a renaissance period across the world. For growers and marijuana entrepreneurs, the climates of Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Mexico are especially conducive to bountiful cannabis grows, and with feminized cannabis seeds available from retailers like, it has never been easier to grow marijuana legally and efficiently.

Growth from female cannabis seeds to marijuana
In cannabis cultivation, there should be a difference between female and male cannabis plants. Male cannabis plants help produce hemp and CPD products Growth of female cannabis seeds Comes from marijuana, which is mainly aimed at medicinal weeds. The recreational use of marijuana, such as white widow and royal hazel, has not yet been legalized in many Latin American countries.

Colombia dominates the world
Colombia is fast becoming the largest supplier of medical cannabis worldwide. Trying to outdo drug gangs, The government decided Regularize the medical cannabis sector in 2015. Low production costs, a better climate, progressive law and an interesting location give Colombia the advantage of stronger competition than other cannabis producing countries. The government knows that very well. So he is very sympathetic to foreign investments.

Mexico is an attractive hub towards North America
Mexico legalized medical cannabis in 2017 for the same reasons as Colombia. Imports, sales and consumption of products containing less than 1 percent THC are permitted, cultivated for scientific purposes. Mexico is expected to become one of the leading cannabis markets in Latin America. There are 128.6 million people in the country, of whom 10 percent get medical cannabis. Many Canadian companies want to invest because they see Mexico as a stimulus to the North American cannabis market.

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Uruguay, squeezed between Brazil and Argentina, is somewhat forgotten by the cannabis industry. The big investors are currently away. Nevertheless, Uruguay has had soft cannabis laws for almost eight years. In a few years, with the approval of the government, it was the first country to realize an export of $ 1.1 billion a year in medical cannabis products.

Opportunities for Suriname
Latin America establishes itself as a leading cannabis supplier Attracts money From investors. Suriname also has a great climate. Production costs are low and the country can make good use of an export product. The cultivation of hemp and CPD has already been allowed, but the legalization of medicinal weeds is not yet complete. Nevertheless, Suriname has everything it takes to do good business in this category as well. The relationship with the Netherlands facilitates exports to Europe, while the location facilitates exports to North America. The government has not hesitated to legalize this, but has not yet been able to establish a regulatory framework. Meanwhile, other Latin American countries are strengthening their position.

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