Even in America they are mad at the left

Even in America they are mad at the left

Many people still think you have all of America Hold your lineSo you can overtake on the right and left everywhere. This is frustrating in practice, because in many states you have to drive on the right as much as possible – even in the US, they go crazy with left stickers. In the state of Florida, they now want to change traffic laws to make it easier to fine left-handed drivers.

Florida has a certain reputation. If you believe the internet, only retirees and crazy people live there, so we had high expectations for the new laws. Maybe the cops put a spike buoy in the left lane or fire a warning shot for a violation in the wing mirror, but that’s not too bad.

The bill now clearly states that on roads with at least two lanes (and a maximum speed of 100 km/h or more), overtaking or stopping for any reason other than driving on the left is not permitted. If for no other reason (or indeed no reason at all) do you drive as far to the right as possible, you will be fined there. The bill passed unanimously.

So you are not alone

We agree, this is not shocking news, but it will be interesting to know for many people Keep your lane Much rarer in America than often thought. Somehow it might be comforting to know that you’re not the only one bothered by the left; This is a world problem.

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