The Indian variant is causing sporadic casualties in the Netherlands

The Indian variant is causing sporadic casualties in the Netherlands

Two weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned not to draw any conclusions too early about the variable. Caused a disaster in India. But the organization is now calling the mutant to worry, as are the British, Brazilian and South African variants.

More resistant to vaccines?

The Indian variety, officially named B1.617, appears to be more contagious and resistant to vaccines. in Belgium One person died after the virus broke out in a nursing home, while all residents have already been fully vaccinated. According to Belgian virologist Johan Nets, the variant is also spreading elsewhere in the country.

The Netherlands has banned flights from India for weeks. According to Timin, the mutation does not cause many infections yet. RIVM is monitoring how the halo variant spreads in the Netherlands. For example, by randomly checking samples from people who have tested positive for the virus, it is called Kiemsurveillance control.

“Pop up every now and then”

The Indian variant appeared there a few weeks ago. According to Temin, this picture “has not changed significantly.” “We still see the boom in germ control from time to time.”

On the RIVM website It states that we still know very little about the mutant so that we can answer the question of whether a mutant is of concern. “The fact that the virus is spreading very quickly in India may mean that this variant is more contagious. But it could also be due to the conditions in India.”

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