‘Historisch’ aantal overlopers bij Republikeinen, al zijn dat er niet genoeg om “praktisch en moreel” verantwoordelijke Trump te veroordelen

The ‘historic’ number of Republican turncoats, though …

At the second indictment against Donald Trump, the former president was acquitted Saturday night of inciting insurgency. His supporters besieged Parliament in Washington on January 6. In his final petition, the head of prosecutors stated that “Trump unquestionably supported the actions of the mob that attacked Capitol.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell called Trump “practical and moral responsibility” despite his vote against him. According to the American media, the number of ‘disabled’ members of the Republican Party is unprecedented compared to previous criminal proceedings.

Former US President Donald Trump, who was released by the Senate on Saturday for inciting insurgency, has vowed to continue to stand up for “America’s greatness.” Thus ends the historic and brief indictment process in American history. President Trump was the first to face such an inquiry twice. The number of Republicans voting against ‘their’ president is also historically significant. Even before the vote on the criminal question, it was clear that there were not enough ‘flawed’ people to convict the president.

Finally, on Saturday, 57 senators (50 Democrats and 7 Republicans) voted against, with 43 voting against. As a result, the required two-thirds majority was not reached, and Trump escaped prosecution for a second time.

“His dismissal was central to the insurgency.”

However, Attorney General Ruskin had earlier called for a vote of no confidence in his final arguments because the former president sided with the crowd that attacked Capitol and did not defend MPs, including his own vice president. “His dereliction of duty was central to the incitement of the insurgency, inseparable from it,” the prosecution said. According to Ruskin, prosecutors have proven that Trump “betrayed his country, he betrayed the constitution, he betrayed the oath of office.” Senators, this test is not ultimately about Donald Trump. The country and the world know who Donald Trump is. This process is about who we are, ”it said.

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Madeleine Dean, one of the other lawyers, began her final argument by reading video footage in which she repeatedly said that the former presidential election was rigged. “Donald Trump called them, directed them, and then led them,” Dean said of the mob that attacked the parliament building.

Attorney Joe Negus called on senators to put their country above the party because he says a dark future looms large if Trump is not proven guilty. “Stocks can’t be high, because what happened on January 6 is a cold, hard truth that could happen again. The violence we witnessed that horrible day may be just the beginning.” It is in your hands ”.

The Republican leader in the Senate, who voted against the sentence against Donald Trump on Saturday, called Capital’s deadly storm “practical and moral responsibility” after he released the former president. “The mob was fed lies by the most powerful man on earth”, it sounded later. “The leader of the free world cannot roar for weeks. People who listen to him will act as if they are surprised when they take irresponsible action.” He still voted against. According to McConnell, the indictment only serves current presidents, although he does not rule out prosecuting Trump by civil or criminal law. “He hasn’t escaped anything yet.”

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“It’s just the beginning”

Trump welcomed the ruling. “Our wonderful, historic and patriotic movement, the big one back in Mac America, is just beginning,” Trump said. “I have a lot to share with you in the coming months and I look forward to continuing this incredible adventure,” he said. It did not provide further details on how the former president views his political future.

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Trump also thanked all the senators who “proudly defended the Constitution” and called the accusation process another “new stage in the great witch hunt.” According to him, “no other president has ever done that.”

“We still have a lot of work to do. We will soon present a vision for a brighter American future.”

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