Very good to go to USA

Very good to go to USA

The use of anti-food waste Too Good To Go continues to expand its presence across the Atlantic. The company announces expansion to three US cities.

It is about the capital Washington D.C., Philadelphia and San Francisco. Last year, Do Good To Go set foot in the United States for the first time, with launches in New York and Boston. With 25 million euros in growth money raised earlier this year, the company wants to expand rapidly, for example in the United States.

The first is the expansion to Philadelphia, which will be added to active cities this month. Washington D.C. March and San Francisco will follow a month later. In addition, Too Good Too Go plans to travel to many more cities in the United States this year. For example, a group has been built in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, supporting cities on the East Coast from there. It cannot be ruled out that the West Coast of the United States has the same schedule of use. After all, this is the first time the company has come to the region with an expansion to San Francisco.

Very good to go, customers can order special ‘magic boxes’ containing the best products before the date. These are still good for consumption, but often can no longer be sold. The app aims to collaborate with 8,000 partners in the United States by the end of this year, and is targeting 2 million users.

Do Good To Go has been active in the Netherlands since 2018. Many national supermarkets have already joined the application.

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