The fourth leak Wei Hu Di Mol?: “In hindsight I understand that people suspected me” | The media

Annick Boer is an actress in a cabaretère.

Ontvang meldingen big nieuws over Wie is de Mol?

There were more moments where I — like other fans — thought: What is that woman doing?

In this coffin, right? In the first episode we were stuck in a coffin and the question arose about who left the house at 15. I had a steady relationship for the first time when I was 15. Haha, then you don’t understand that you do it that way But really: I thought I did really well at the game.

“I didn’t always understand the games either, they went in all directions. Yesterday with these packing slips too, in that maze. I had no idea what these packing slips looked like. So I see something with numbers hanging on such a maze. I think: well, I have money. Only when I saw a real person hanging did I know that I ran without having anything in my hands.”

Have you watched what viewers think?

“One time I answered someone who said five minutes later Who is a mole? Although I was her least favorite candidate. I thought that was nice. But I shouldn’t. People are so cruel on social media. She took a look yesterday, was anyone glad my stupid red coat was finally out. So I quickly closed it again and didn’t look at it any further. Most people respond very kindly, but that negativity usually stays with me.”

Would you have been a good mole, do you think?

“I think so, yeah. But I also have that I can suddenly blush a lot and I might worry a lot about it. While I’m 51 and I can also tell it’s a hot flash, haha. I think I did well. But I also thought I played The match well and we all saw how that turned out, haha.”

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