Roland Kahn claims that his son, Silvana Simmons, is involved in a robbery against him

Roland Kahn claims that his son, Silvana Simmons, is involved in a robbery against him

An amazing interview in the story of millionaire and ex-partner of Sylvana Simmons, Roland Kahn. For example, he claims that he was attacked by his ex-son.

Roland Kahn is an entrepreneur and founder of the CoolCat clothing chain, but he’s best known for having a tumultuous love affair. With Sylvana Simmonswho was a lieutenant colonel at the time and is now a Member of Parliament for the Bij1 party.

Last year, Rowland published a book in which he opened up about Silvana. “Our relationship hit rock bottom in 2012. If we were together, we would be in a fight in no time. Whenever we go out separately, she bombards me with endless manipulative messages. She gets on my nerves to the point that I can’t even think straight. I’m so sick of her spirit.” destroyer.”

The relationship didn’t last and Roland will never forget what happened after the breakup. For example, several men attacked him in his home. “The eldest of them forces me to the ground and squeezes my throat, while another man kicks me in the whole side.”

Bragging raids

To this day, the millionaire is convinced that one of the perpetrators was the son of Silvana Simmons. “During a family party, I once heard him brag about the dozens of robberies he had been involved in.”

Roland also believes he saw burns on the offender in question. It is known that Simmons’ son got burns because he pulled a pot of boiling water from the stove when he was a little boy. “My suspicions were confirmed,” says Rowland.

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However, the entrepreneur did not name his thief, as he had no hard evidence. He also does not want to kick his ex-son. He has already served a number of prison sentences. It adds nothing to give someone a kick.”

Khan was also unhappy with Silvana’s upbringing. Sylvana Simmons didn’t want to respond to Cannes on Story, but the politician will undoubtedly be unhappy with her very wealthy ex-partner’s claims. During. (Thumbnail: BSR Agency and IG rolandkahn)

Saw Johann Silvana Simmons on Op1 talk show: “This shit always comes up!”

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