Barend van Deelen and Wijnand Speelman are a 3FM duo again after 8 years

Barend van Deelen and Wijnand Speelman are a 3FM duo again after 8 years

Barend van Dielen and Wynand Spielmann will do radio together again. After nearly eight years, NPO 3FM DJs are working as a duo again. Wijnand usually presents the morning show on 3FM, while Barend van Deelen produces the afternoon show with Nellie Benner. Due to the European Football Championship, both programs will be presented as a pair from next week.

Both programs will be performed from Germany, where DJs will follow the Dutch team in a van to the host cities of the European Championship. Under the title “Barend and Wijnand: Plankgas after Oranje” it can be heard every working day from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and from Monday to Thursday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The program will continue throughout the European Championship, unless the Netherlands are eliminated before the final.

The feeling of home for the listener

In a press release, 3FM says: “During the show, DJs bring the feel of the European Championship into the listener’s home. They talk to fans, journalists and (former) footballers and provide the latest news surrounding the European Championship. All with a good dose of orange emotion. Live from various locations in Germany For example, DJs can be heard from the Reeperbahn Street in Hamburg, the heart of the Dutch delegation in Wolfsburg, next to the stadium in Berlin Where there is Orange, there is Barend and Wynand.

Since the Dutch team has to play on Sunday, the DJs will perform a one-off live broadcast from Germany. She can be heard on Mark and Mai between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

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Barend and Wijnand were heard together on 3FM for years, including on Friday evenings, until they were forced to go on alone in 2016. According to Barend, this was due to “radio bullshit”. Barend has switched from KRO-NCRV to AVROTROS. In recent years, Rob Janssen and Wijnand Speelman have made joint programs on 3FM on behalf of the same broadcasters.

When Barend returned from Radio 538 to 3FM two years ago, the duo were not reunited. Wijnand went on to anchor the morning show with Rob on behalf of KRO-NCRV, while Barend finished with Nellie Benner for PowNed in the afternoon.

Photo: NPO 3FM

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