The family thought they would buy Nelson the sweet piglet, but he grew to 500 kilograms

The family thought they would buy Nelson the sweet piglet, but he grew to 500 kilograms

Suddenly you have! You can buy a piglet as a pet. She sees Nelson purring happily, and is stunned. But then it's a rather large piglet, called… It grows and grows and then turns out to be not the animal you expected.

Nelson, the little pig. At least, that's what was said when the Verbeek family of Werkendam bought the cute little pig at the time. But after seven years and 500 kilos, the Nelson turned out to be a (big, heavy) problem.

So there is every reason for a documentary and it will be shown on television tonight. subway I watched the short film Nelson the little pig For the television department View of the tube. Cute: A grunt has been found voicing the animal: Martin van Rossem.

Lovely TV about pets

TV about pets can be very cute, as we noted earlier. Especially when it comes to special specimens, as is often the case with the Nelson piglet. in Me and Bessie We've already seen the slug, the 'Instagram cat' with trendy glasses and also the house pig, Frans.

We now come to the Verbeek family, which consists of two mothers and two sons, Brandon and Jaden. She would like to have a pet and it would be a little pig. “At the end of this film, I will be world famous, and that's true,” says Martin van Rossem.

Scare on Nelson's piglet

Brandon (11 years old) introduces himself as Little Pig's great friend. As much as they are best friends, there is a lot going on. Van Rossem sounds again: “The strange thing is that I was always hungry.” French fries were his “favorite.” “Aww, bliss bliss.” You might think Nelson started growing big because of his French fries, but no, the real reason is because he's not a piglet at all. Sales error.

Animals are often cuddly, but that is not the case with this huge specimen found in the Werkendam. Brandon even gets bullied at school because of his pet. Friends no longer want to play with him. The police come to see if the neighbors have grounds to complain about the nuisance of the smell. The borough and housing association believe it is unacceptable to have such a large, foul-smelling animal in and around the terraced house.

Nelson's pet piglet
Nils behind the Verbeek family home. Photo: KRO-NCRV

But it can also be done differently

When Mother Angela creates a Facebook page about Nelson, a lot changes. The animal even appears on some TV shows. Martin van Rossem: “Wow, I really sweated a lot.” The pig has not yet gained international fame, but it has come a long way.

Why are there important moments? Nelson the little pig There were always cameras with you, which is a question you can ask yourself as a viewer. Peeping neighbors and the police at the door… Was the whole adventure repeated again then? However, that doesn't change the fact that this documentary is – maybe a bit of a bad word – unique.

Nelson the Piglet can be seen tonight (Sunday, January 21) at 7:25pm on KRO-NCRV on ZappDoc on NPO 3. You Can Look Back Via NPO Start.

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