Series 7 winning maestro: 'I think I'll put the baton down after the final' |  Displays

Series 7 winning maestro: 'I think I'll put the baton down after the final' | Displays

Chris Zegers has the program this year Artist, band leader had won. With 72% of the votes, the actor defeated fellow finalist Frédéric Spijt. They both had to play two pieces of music in the final battle.

Zegers received the most points from the judges during the show, including three tens for his first piece. It also turned out to be a viewer favorite by far. Zegers managed to score a total of 172 points and thus received the so-called “golden baton”. In addition to Spigt, Zegers also defeated participants Amar Bozoglou, Pepin Lanin, Djelodi Lujongo, Ros Mojri, and Tgitski Redinga this season.

“It's very nice to be able to participate in something so beautiful. It's really an incredibly wonderful journey,” Zegers responds as broadcaster Fritz Sissing presents him with the golden baton. Zegers is grateful to have been able to meet so many “beautiful people” through the program, he says with a smile on his face as he receives a kiss on the hand from Spigt. “And I'm grateful for the music. It's so nice to be able to do so many beautiful things with it.

Stay calm

in Artist, band leader Famous Dutch people will compete with each other in an action. “I thought ahead of time: I would like to get to episode four or five. I wanted to understand what a driving career entails, and I succeeded,” Zegers previously said of his involvement. The actor was not the least favorite in any episode and in the semi-finals he even received three scores from the jury. “It's a matter of good preparation and mastering the movement. And stay calm.”

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It seems that Zegers has discovered a new talent, but the public should not expect much from him in the field of leadership after the maestro. “I have no illusions that I will now be asked to conduct the orchestra. I think I will put the baton down after the final.”

Previous seasons were won by Lynette van Dongen, Spike, Leona Filippou, Maartje van de Wetering, Lukas Hamming and Sor.

Chris Zegers in Maestro © Afrotros

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