HBO Max is coming to Europe this year; Is it Holland’s turn later?

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HBO Max is coming to Europe soon. The live streaming service will be launched in the first European countries this year. Warner Media confirmed this to The Hollywood Reporter. When can we watch HBO Max in the Netherlands?

HBO Max is currently only available in the US and 39 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, but that will soon change.

HBO Max will be launching in Scandinavia and Spain in the coming months. It is scheduled to be launched in more European countries next year.


HBO currently has an exclusive contract with Ziggo in the Netherlands. Thus, the series and movies of the streaming service can only be watched with this telecom provider. However, that contract expires at the end of this year, also paving the way for HBO Max to arrive in our country.

HBO Max will likely come to the Netherlands in 2022.

About this streaming service

On HBO Max, you’ll soon find movies and series from Warner Bros. and HBO, DC, New Line Cinema, and The CW. The entertainment giant is also working on a large number of exclusive content for the platform.

In America, a subscription to HBO Max costs $15 per month. This makes the streaming service more expensive than Netflix, Disney Plus, Videoland, and Prime Video.

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