The family has lived in HMMIK camp for 23 years

The family has lived in HMMIK camp for 23 years

Linda and Andre bought the house from Linda’s grandfather many years ago. Beautiful feature house in Noord-Hollandse Winkel, but still needs a lot of work. We are now 23 years old – but not one step further – forward. In “Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser,” host John Williams, 51, doesn’t know what he’s seeing.

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the final episode of Helping my husband is handyman.

“Couldn’t this have happened sooner?”

The ground floor of the Linda and Andre home was in ruins 23 years ago. Linda is forced to cook on the camping stove in the shed and their daughter knows no better than living among her father’s building materials. In fact, I was born in the barn.

After Linda’s sister raised the alarm once ten years ago Help my husband handyman, Now trying again. She says that the situation cannot continue in this way. John agrees. He decides to surprise the spouses at home.

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And fortunately: they support that. Linda is especially happy to come to the aid. “I’m tired of it, of course. The worst thing is going up and down the stairs to the shed to cook. Any weather.” John is clearly heartbroken by the situation, especially when Linda casually states that they also lived in the barn for two years. “Martin was born here. Only when the upstairs is finished can we live there.”

The staff arrives and helps Andrei with complete courage. So good that skilled workers start to distrust him. After all, he hadn’t wanted to do anything for over twenty years. “Is he joking with us, or something like that?” They now wonder out loud that after so many years of absence, he is suddenly busy performing odd jobs.

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John also finds it amazing and decides to throw his feelings on the table. Time for a good conversation. “I think you should get out of the dream for a moment. The dream of the house. Let me go on the cooking stove. While the house is moldy.” The couple defends themselves by saying it’s become a habit. They used to live in a landfill and are more or less satisfied with it.

John says he wants to protect them from that in the future. “It took you twenty years of your life,” he says. “Couldn’t this have happened sooner?” Andrei agrees. “Of course things happen that I think I would have done differently. But now I just want to get it done.”

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To maximize the surprise of Linda, the team decided to send her away for a few nights. Much of her displeasure. She says, “I prefer handing bolts to Andre, and help him.” She clearly struggles with the situation, but all of that is forgotten once she steps into her completely refurbished home – and above all: a habitable home – a few days later. “Oh my God,” she said, with tears in her eyes. Barn cooking is finally a thing of the past.

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