The European Union has not stopped the export of a single shipment of Corona vaccines

The European Commission has not yet stopped the export of any batch of Corona vaccines. Since vaccine manufacturers in the European Union have to request permission to export to countries outside the European Union, this has been granted every time. The vaccines have been sent to the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, among other countries.

At the end of January, the committee rushed to request approval for vaccine makers who buy coronavirus vaccines for the European Union. It wanted to control vaccine exports after the bad news about vaccine deliveries to the European Union continued. But in the rest of the world, the UK at the forefront, this immediately raised concerns that Brussels would want to keep vaccines to itself and that its supplies would be put at risk.

Permission has been requested 37 times since the export test went into effect. As of the beginning of this week, no vaccine against Corona had been shipped to the United States, which is concerned that Washington itself may want to stop exports to the European Union, for example. But Brussels has now also agreed to export a shipment with that destination.

The test applies to the six vaccine manufacturers of which the European Union is a customer. They must request permission to export from the European Union country where their vaccines are produced. After that, the committee has the final say.

Brussels does not want to limit the number of vaccines used and in which European Union countries they are manufactured.

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