HP offers the first partner program for the sustainable impact of climate change, human rights, and digitalization

HP offers the first partner program for the sustainable impact of climate change, human rights, and digitalization

The revamped HP Amplify Impact Program represents a major step forward in the company’s ambitious goal of becoming the most sustainable and fair technology company by 2030.

Amstelveen, Feb 11, 2021 – Today HP Inc. HP Amplify ™ Impact, the industry’s first partner resource and training assessment program. The program aims to create meaningful change within the three pillars of HP sustainability: the planet, where climate change is central; People, with an emphasis on human rights and social justice; And society, with a focus on bridging the digital divide. Partners who join the HP Amplify Impact Program work with HP to assess their own practices while capitalizing on HP’s broad investment and initiatives.

“Our goal is to work with our partners to drive a circular, low-carbon economy, create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable supply chain, and enhance the vitality and resilience of local communities,” said Christoph Schell, HP’s Chief Commercial Officer. . “The strength and scope of our ecosystem is vast and by involving our partners in the goals, we can work together towards a more sustainable and just world.”

Create a responsible ecosystem

The HP Amplify Impact Program helps partners set ambitious long-term goals to have a positive impact. By 2025, HP aims to have at least half of its HP Amplify partners participate in the Impact Volunteer Program. Participants will be recognized through the annual certificate and awards program. The mission of the program is to advance responsibility across the IT industry to the following main pillars:
• The Planet: The pursuit of a fully sustainable, circular, carbon-free economy while creating the most sustainable portfolio of technology, services and solutions.
People: Empowering people to thrive and fostering a diverse, fair and inclusive culture (DE&I) through initiatives such as the HP Task Force for Racial Equality and Social Justice.
Society: Bringing societies closer together through the power of technology. Help bridge the digital divide that is denying many people the access to the education, employment and healthcare they need to develop.
Sustainable Impact: A Business Commitment

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As outlined in HP’s annual sustainable impact report, a commitment to sustainable impact from organizations is essential, also for their own revenue. The sustained impact of HP has helped generate more than $ 1 billion in new sales by 20201 – testament to the performance and purposeful culture that unites the HP ecosystem and the global partner community. It also reflects the changing role of companies in society. HP wants to create value for its shareholders as well as build a better future for all stakeholders. HP has been working on sustainability goals to create positive change for decades. The company is known as one of the most sustainable in the world and is ideally suited to support the HP Amplify partner community with the resources required to do so. HP can identify potential deficiencies and provide guidance so that partner goals can be met.

A flexible path for HP Amplify Partners

All HP Amplify partners have access to industry-leading sustainable impact resources from HP, no matter what stage they are in on their path to a more sustainable world. HP will provide all HP Amplify Partners with access to training, sales tools and marketing resources, as well as access to the Sustainability and Compliance Center (SCC), HP Life and HP Planet Partners. Additionally, HP will work closely with partners from select countries to start two different paths:
• Catalyst Partners: Catalyst Partners will lead the HP Amplify Impact division, participate in the sustainability review and report on their sales opportunities. The first app covers 19 countries: the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Africa and Australia.
• Changemaker Partners: The Changemaker Pathway has been optimized to help partners who do not yet have a sustainability plan and wish to invest in the sustainability pathway. HP will work closely with and support Changemaker partners in developing a long-term sustainability plan. This allows them to identify them as a company focused on making a meaningful change. The first implementation includes 7 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and a specified number of partners in the United States. Other countries will follow soon. To learn more about the HP Amplify Impact, visit our newsroom. Existing HP Amplify Partners can learn more about HP Amplify Impact by visiting the HP Partner Portal.

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