‘The EU is pleased with the return of the United States, Mr. President Biden’

“America is back. We’re glad you’re back.” For example, European Council President Charles Michael welcomed new US President Joe Biden to an online summit of EU leaders. This is the first time since 2014 that a US president has held direct consultations with EU leaders. Seven years ago, Barack Obama was in Brussels for an EU-US summit. Now EU leaders had to make a face on a screen across the Atlantic.

“This is a historic opportunity to revitalize our partnership,” Michael said. Atlantic relations under his predecessor Donald Trump were severely strained because Trump excluded his country from many important international organizations and agreements, including the Paris Climate Agreement. With Pitan, the wind blows from a different angle. He has already corrected many of those violations, for example, the United States is back in the climate deal. So expectations are high in the EU.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he later spoke with Biden when he was Obama’s vice president. “This is definitely a strong president. He’s really anchored in the Atlantic relationship and is very attached to it.”

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