Klokken van het Netherlands Carillon gereedgemaakt voor vertrek

‘Netherlands Guerrilla’ returns to the United States

IIn 1951, the Netherlands donated a guerrilla to the United States, thanks to US assistance during the war and in reconstruction. The guerrilla was placed on a modern clock tower next to the Arlington National Cemetery in view of the US capital, Washington. The watches were recently restored in Aston by the Koninglizke Ice Spouts Bell Foundry. Watches are now returning to the United States.

Netherlands Guerrilla, Clock Tower (CC BY-SA 3.0 – Avriette – wiki)

Fifty hours of the so-called ‘Netherlands guerrilla’ came to the Eagle Spouts Bell Foundry a year ago and were recovered. This is necessary because it is marked by the test of the gallon period.

To underline the national character of the prize, guerrillas’ bells were rung by three bell founders in the Netherlands in the 1950s. However, a good idea that caused some problems. Museum Clock & Peel:

“It turned out to be a project defect – no matter how well-intentioned – it still faced a lot of setbacks. In the end, the Netherlands guerrilla did not become the high quality musical instrument our country wanted to give. All watches need to be brought back to the Netherlands and handled by experts here. ”

For a better result, Carillon had to be extended by three more hours. The project was recently completed in Aston. On Thursday morning, the watches were placed in two shipping containers for return to the United States. Three new bells have already been sent to expand the tool. The watches are named after George Marshall, Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. respectively. They will be temporarily on display at the Dutch embassy before the assembly.

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The goal is to have 53 hours of installation at the Bell Tower in Carolina in the coming months, which has also been restored. Museum Clock & Peel currently has an exhibition on ‘Watches for America’.


Guerrillan plays the Westminster Slack every hour, a popular four-tone melody played by Big Ben in London every hour. Special music is played on certain historical dates such as Liberation Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day.

The guerrilla’s 40-meter-tall bell tower was designed by Rotterdam architect Justin Fox. Initially it was thought that Jared Riatweld would design the monument, but he was pushed aside because of his communist sympathies. VU Professor Dietrich Ostiz recently wrote A book About the eventual history of the monument.

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