America’s first Dutch Apache for production

Three Dutch AH-64 Apache attack helicopters arrived in Mesa, Boeing, Arizona. You can find the latest Boeing news on social media.

There are 28 AH-64D Apache attack helicopters in the Netherlands. They are now twenty years old. The AH-64D, also known as the “reproduction” hardware, has been upgraded to the AH-64E V6 “Apache Guardian” standard. I.e. reconstruction and renovation. New hull, new transmission system, new rotary blades. The aircraft will also receive new night vision equipment, new fire control radar and Global Positioning System (GPS).


In November, the Air Force announced that three Apaches would depart Antwerp from one boat to the United States. Ships carrying decommissioned helicopters are expected to arrive in the port of Baltimore on the east coast of the United States in early December. From there, it travels overland to Huntsville, Alabama, and then to Boeing, Arizona. They planned to go there earlier this month.

AH-64 Apache, extracted before shipping to US © Department of Defense


After the upgrade, the devices will last for a few more years. According to the Air Force, the updated Apache can be used until 2050 with some temporary modifications. The downside is that fewer Apaches will be available for service in the coming years. Boeing now has three Apaches in the United States, with the next ship scheduled for February 2021. Apache’s first modernization is expected in the Netherlands in mid – 2023. Of the 28 helicopters, 20 are in the Giles area. Eight Apaches are permanently stationed in the United States for training purposes.

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