Hevig winterweer teistert Amerika, miljoenen mensen zonder stroom

Severe winter weather devastates America, leaving millions without …

Nearly half of the United States is affected by severe winter weather. The catastrophic storm with severe snow, frost and deep sub-zero temperatures is creating dangerous traffic conditions across the country. In total, approximately 3,520,000 people are affected by electrocution, including nearly 3 million in the state of Texas.

Photo: AFP

According to the U.S. Meteorological Agency, the storm will certainly provide recorded snowfall and dangerous cold temperatures until Tuesday. For example, the border town of El Paso recorded 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius). As of 6 a.m. Monday, parts of Alabama, Florida and Georgia were at risk of hurricanes. At least seven states from the northwest to South America, including Oregon, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi, have declared a state of emergency.

Since Saturday, the storm has caused significant traffic problems. For example, several collisions and chain collisions have been reported over the weekend. Some of these were dangerous: nine were killed in Texas and one in Kentucky and Oklahoma. Police Chief Art Acevedo said more than 130 crashes have been reported, including a 10-car chain collision in Houston, Texas. “Most roads are not safe. In addition, many signals will not work due to power outages, ”the Texas Department of Transportation tweeted.

In Texas, PowerOutages.us reports that nearly 3 million Americans were without electricity, which tracks usage data nationwide. Other states are also experiencing power cuts. In Oregon, for example, nearly 320,000 people were in the dark, while in Louisiana and Virginia a total of about 200,000 people had to go without electricity.

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Severe winter weather affects the United States, millions of people without electricity
Photo: A.P.

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