The digital economy requires investment

The digital economy requires investment

“Invest in our digital future” is the call of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland in their recently published report on the digital economy, reports the Social and Economic Council.

The report indicates that citizens largely live and work in a digital economy and society. Companies also do business digitally and have digitized their operations.

business climate

The authors point to digitization as the key to a better society. It is necessary for economic growth and contributes to the solution of social issues. This requires a good business climate for companies. A well-functioning digital ecosystem is crucial to attracting and retaining them.

Digital innovation also remains important to enhance the business climate. Countries such as China and the United States are faster in digital innovation than the Netherlands and the European Union. This creates a backlog in the data economy. One of the reasons is that not everyone is ready for the digital economy, for example due to a lack of specialized knowledge.

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