Getting rid of ads with M&M ‘woke’ chocolate turned out to be a media stunt –

All animated chocolates will continue to be featured in M&M’s commercials on television. The company reported this after previously announcing that it would stop advertising. This decision followed an uproar in the United States over the appearance of a number of characters. But the ad cut turned out to be a media stunt in the run-up to the Super Bowl, the final of the NFL season and one of the best-watched TV nights of the year.

Earlier this week, M&M’s Chocolate Numbers were down. M from world news. In particular, the right-wing news and opinion channel Fox News called them “woke”. Among other things, the fact that one of the ladies, in green, swapped her pumps for sneakers would be an attack on classic gender roles, according to the American Right. That’s why the company decided to do commercials with comedian Maya Rudolph from now on.

However, the moment of the M&Ms announcement was immediately called into question. For example, the candy company announced in December that Rudolph would star in M&M’s ads around the Super Bowl. It turned out that it was really a publicity stunt. “Both of the revamped characters, as well as those launched last year, have been, are and will continue to be official spokespeople for the brand,” the company said.

M&M’s has been advertising for years with their “red” and “yellow” talking chocolates. In recent years, they are increasingly being joined by those who have other colors.

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