Academisch Ziekenhuis in Suriname krijgt nieuwe Intensive Care

The boy (11) who received electric shocks is stable and out of danger in the waiting area

The 11-year-old was injured last Tuesday after stepping on power cables in a meadow at Sunny Point and Received electric shocks across the body, stable and free of danger. The victim has been admitted to the pediatric ward of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Suriname Police Corps has just reported.

An investigation by the Suriname Police showed that the boy TC was on his way home with other boys with whom he had previously played football. While jumping over a hole, where there are many electrical cables, the 11-year-old ended up on some cables.

Due to the heavy rain, the cables rushed into the water, causing the boy to receive electric shocks to his body. TC lost consciousness and was injured. According to the police Illegally pulled power lines have been found to drain power.

The victim was taken to the Emergency Department (A&E) of Paramaribo University Hospital in an unconscious state. On the way to the hospital, the family with the victim was escorted to the emergency room by the police from Leiding 9a.

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