A woman forgets a bag of 40 thousand euros on a French bus |  Abroad

A woman forgets a bag of 40 thousand euros on a French bus | Abroad

A bus driver in Nîmes, southern France, unknowingly found a small fortune in banknotes last weekend. They were in a bag they left on their bus and he took it to the lost and found section and found it unopened. The legal owner has not yet applied.

Transporter Tango driver as usual at the end of his shift on Friday night checked whether there were any objects left on the bus. Naser Mohammadi, a union representative, told regional radio station France Bleu Gard-Louis that when he saw the bag, he had never thought to see what was inside. The honest researcher handed the bag to the lost and found department of the transport company. The officials couldn’t believe their eyes when they opened the bag without a doubt. It turned out to be a huge amount of banknotes, divided into small denominations.

Without hesitation, they then called the police. Send a patrol to the bus company office. Before customers take the bag, they calculate the notes in the presence of Tango employees. This resulted in a total sum of €40,000. While waiting for the real owner to arrive, the officers confiscated the bag and its contents.

customs document

In the bag they would also find “something” that would prove that the money belonged to a foreign traveler and a customs document justifying the presence of such a large amount of money with you.

At the bus company they can’t stop talking about discovery. “It’s a story that makes our drivers smile!” Nasir Mohammadi says: He is convinced: “Even if the driver had known about the contents of the bag, he would have returned it.”

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“Our daily job is to collect valuables and deliver them to lost and found items: watches, wallets, cell phones. I can say one thing: Tango buses are just as safe as the Bank of France!” jokes the union representative.

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