The biggest monster hunt in Loch Ness in half a century

The biggest monster hunt in Loch Ness in half a century

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On Saturday, the biggest Loch Ness monster hunt in half a century will begin. According to tradition, a mysterious animal lives in the lake of the same name in the Scottish Highlands, which has become world famous under its pet name Nessie.

At 36 kilometers long and 240 meters deep, Loch Ness is the largest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom. Some have suggested that prehistoric reptiles may have lived in this lake.

The expedition wants to determine on Saturday if a mysterious animal actually lives in this Scottish loch. Advanced equipment is used for this, such as drones with thermal scanners, infrared underwater cameras and a special underwater microphone.

Photo from 1934

The earliest written mention of the creature dates back to 565 AD in a biography written by an Irish monk. In later years, Nessie also became the subject of scammers. It turned out that the famous photo taken of the monster in 1934 was a hoax.

Science considers it impossible that large, yet undiscovered species of animals could live in the lake. Several expeditions have searched for the monster in Loch Ness before, but have not found anything.


But the audience loved Nessie. The Loch Ness Monster is also good for the Scottish economy, with annual revenues in the millions thanks to tourism.

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