The 200 million Pfizer vaccine was shipped to the United States in May 2021 for emergency use in the United States

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Pfizer plans to ship 200 million doses of the corona virus vaccine to the United States in May.

The company, which developed its vaccine with German pharmaceutical maker Bioendech, said it would dispense 2 billion doses worldwide by the end of the year because healthcare providers could take an additional sixth dose of the vaccine from a bottle.

The company said Pfizer had delivered 29 million doses of its two-shot vaccine to the U.S. government as of Jan. 31.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 million of those Pfizer doses were administered last Monday.

The company’s Govt-19 vaccine was first approved for emergency use in the United States.

Pfizer, like other corona virus vaccine makers, has struggled to maintain the need for injections, which it hopes will help end the epidemic.

Recently he enlisted the help of French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi to produce the 100 million dose vaccine.

The update to its distribution schedule comes just hours after Pfizer said it expects to sell the Corona virus vaccine for about $ 15 billion this year.

The company said Tuesday it was “ready to respond” if the Govt variant showed evidence of immunity to its vaccine.

In recent weeks, U.S. health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fossie, fear that vaccines currently on the market may not be as effective in preventing the virus’ new, further infection.

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