Biden will grant citizenship to 9 million immigrants

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

President of the United States Joe Biden He will ask his government to grant him citizenship for nine million Immigrant.

Biden ordered a review of all immigration and integration laws that were in place when the United States was under Donald Trump.

“The review could lead to a dramatic policy change,” a senior U.S. government official was quoted as saying AFP, Tuesday (2/1).

According to senior U.S. officials, the goal of this policy is to restore confidence in the immigration system and promote the integration of American citizens.

“President Trump is so focused on the divide wall that he has done nothing to address the root causes of why people are coming to our southern border,” he said.

Trump-era policies allow authorities to prosecute and deport immigrants who have entered the United States illegally. Their children are then placed in federal custody.

The number of demonstrations and criticisms from outside forced Trump to withdraw the policy. But hundreds of children who emigrated were never returned to their parents.

According to Biden’s campaign promise, one of the policies to be implemented in 2018 is to reunite immigrant families separated by Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. The work will be carried out by the task force.

The task force will try to find ways to reunite separated families, regardless of whether the deported parent or child will be allowed to return to American soil.

There will be a study called the “General Revenge Rules” introduced in 2019, which allows the government to deny citizenship or apply for green cards to receive social assistance, maintenance or housing allowances at subsidized prices.

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“(General Tax Code) basically creates or establishes a wealth check for immigrants,” said a senior Biden official.

The Biden administration’s efforts to overturn Trump-era immigration policies may be welcomed by the democratic left.

Since taking office, he has dropped two key issues from his predecessor, halting the erection of a wall on the border with Mexico and lifting the U.S. entry ban on residents of several Muslim-majority countries.

Biden has also sent to Congress a bill that could lead to the citizenship of millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

However, the adoption of the law will require the support of some Republican legislators, and it will not be easy.

On the other hand, most reforms will be guided by the Secretary of Homeland Security. For this position, Biden has nominated Alejandro Myorgas. He will oversee immigration, border and emergency situations.

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