Televizier will evaluate debate on Lubach and VI, but shows don't stand a chance this year |  show

Televizier will evaluate debate on Lubach and VI, but shows don’t stand a chance this year | show

Both programs protested that they were not in competition for the prestigious award. According to the organization, they are a spin-off Sunday with Lubach And the international footballwho previously won the award. the program Chateau help Do not participate, because according to the organization it is not a part of it Chateau Melland that won earlier.

Today, the voting for the fourth round of the qualifiers began on the Televizier-Ring. The public can now nominate five shows from the last quarter. “We are not going to change the rules of the game during the match,” said de Guege. But we always rate the prize afterwards. And we will certainly include the discussion on VI and Lubach.”

The Televiziergids editor-in-chief does not want to anticipate possible changes to the regulations. “The rules have been clear since 1964: the same program can’t win twice,” he says. “But we may be able to formulate the criteria more clearly about whether or not something is accidental.” Now that decision is in the hands of the organization itself.

According to De Goeij, a few angry fans of Today Inside and De Avondshow with Arjen Lubach have reported to Televizier-Ring about the status surrounding these two shows.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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