Mel B attacks ex Peter Andre with a private call |  gossip

Mel B attacks ex Peter Andre with a private call | gossip

Mel B has never hidden that she had a great time with Peter Andre. Their happily ever after in love may have been over for nine months, but Scary Spice often tells us was a wonderful lover Peter. He loved him so much between the sheets – and off – that she regularly called him to get booty call And he flew it secretly, all over the world for a sneaky horizontal lambada.

When Mel B was a singer, he was famous for his hits mysterious girl And the flavorRecently, the singer called again, not knowing what to expect. in his column in yes! magazine He reveals that they are very surprised by the reason for her call.

“Looks like the Spice Girls are gearing up for their 25th anniversary reunion. It would be great to see them together, especially if Victoria Beckham was involved. It will take me back to the time when flavor She was #1 and the Spice Girls just released their first single I wanna be release him “.

„Speaking of the Spice Girls, you might know that Mel B is a judge in masked singer in Australia and decided to call me straight from the show to ask if I could be in a suit snapdragon was sitting! I said ‘I’m in England playing fat In the West End, so unlikely! “Then she asked me if I was going to travel up and down to do both shows. But I don’t think even Elon Musk can help me travel that fast!”

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