André in LA, Monique bij van der Valk

There must be a difference: Andre in LA, Monique in Van der Valk

Monique woke up wonderfully this morning in a Van der Valk hotel. She and her son Dre decided to go away for a relaxing night. But there must be a difference, because Andrei is currently in Los Angeles with a friend.

Although Monique lives in the closet of a home equipped with every luxury, she decides to take a break in her own in Ascension. She and her son Dre resided at Van der Valk de Cantharel in Apeldoorn.

night road

Monique shares hotel room photos to Instagram Stories, which show little Dré in the bathroom. In the following story, mother and son are on their way to explore Apeldoorn.

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Andrei is not with me

There have been rumors for a long time that Andrei and Monique are back together. However, Andrei decided not to go for a walk. He would have preferred to be in America, so he decided to pack his bags again. This time he did not go to Florida, but to Los Angeles.

Andre Hazes, was seen at customs in LAX last night. Apparently he left for Los Angeles with a “friend”. Who he is and what he will do there remains unknown,” Yvonne Coldweger reported on her Instagram Stories.

What will he do there?

André is working on a one-year documentary that will soon be shown in Videoland. But there has been no further filming since January of this year. Showbiz Realityfbi’s Instagram Stories stated: “A source close to André’s production house for the new Crossroads documentary told me that the documentary was ‘finished’ a while ago.”

This means that Andrei and Monique’s reconciliation leave will not only appear in this documentary, but also his trip to Los Angeles. Is he there now filming the next documentary or is he just partying?

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